Our environmental efforts


Lunchtime has been supplying and producing a wide range of products since 2002. All production is handcrafted by ourselves in our own production side. Therefore, we are able to control the production of each product from A to Z and can guarantee a very high quality.

We work as much as possible with seasonal products as well as local suppliers and producers to guarantee optimal freshness.

All fruit and vegetables are washed, peeled and checked by us without the addition of chemical products.

We do not add preservatives or artificial colours. Our motto is « as fresh and natural as possible ».
Local products

Quality Control

Food safety

Our range of meals is produced in our central professional kitchen of 900 m² net. It meets all legal requirements of the food sector and respects fully the hygienic standards.

The cold chain is maintained in both, production on site and logistic handling. The production areas are cooled, as are all our vans, the temperature of the cooling units can be monitored remotely.

Our production staff wears shoes, clothing, hair caps, gloves and facial masks appropriate for the food production. Our team follows regular training courses on food safety and hygienic standards (HACCP).

In addition, and at our request, unannounced checkups are regularly carried out in our premises by LLUCS (Luxembourg Sanitary Control Laboratory) to control that our kitchens meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

Optimization of production

The volume of production every day is strictly oriented on the orders that have been placed online. Since the beginning, this organization of the production volume has been very energy-saving and environment-friendly.

We produce only what has been ordered online. This avoids overproduction and waste of food what has the greatest ecological impact. After all, 70% of the world’s water consumption is used in agriculture. As a result, any food that does not end in the bin, has the greatest positive ecological effect.

Any overproduction from the e-commerce is sent to our Lunchtime Shop, located in the Funicular at Kirchberg. Leftovers at the end of the day are given to people in need and charity organizations.

The central kitchen and vans are only cleaned with biodegradable products.
Water Preservation

Innovative transport

Optimization of logistics

We ask our customers to order before 10 am so that we can prepare the cold orders freshly and deliver everything in one go. Each van delivers in a limited area and in a logical order to avoid unnecessary journeys.

Our fleet of vans are equipped with a cool system to ensure food safety for our customers. Our latest vans are 100% electric and the refrigerator of the van is cooled by solar panels installed on the van’s roof. We are the first company in Luxembourg to use this new technology.

Packaging from suppliers at our premises

We buy products in bulk and if possible not packaged in plastic. For example, fruits and vegetables are delivered in reusable washable containers.

Since our foundation, all packaging regarding products that arrive and are processed in our central kitchen is consistently sorted (cardboard, paper, metal, glass, plastic, …). This is then collected by a specialized and certified company, so that this packaging can be recycled and reused.

CO2e reduction certificate
Re-use / Recycling

Recycle plastic

Packaging of our own products

All packaging of our own products is 100% recyclable. We invite our customers to separate the packaging into a foreseen waste container so that it can be recycled again.

Our shop, at the funicular station in Kirchberg, is equipped with various waste bins to enable our customers to sort the packaging.

We use as much as possible cardboard, paper and packaging made from sugar cane (residual waste from sugar cane extraction), which is also 100% compostable.

We only use plastic packaging for liquid products such as soups, meals and fruit salads because they seal perfectly in order to ensure correct transport. Polypropylene number 5, unlike PLA (polylactic acid), can be heated in the microwave.

The plastic lids on our salads are made from already 100% recycled raw materials.

We do not use glass for e-commerce due to the breakage risk during transport.

We are not in favour of PLA (polylactic acid). We prefer agricultural land to be used for food production and not for the packaging industry. PLA is often made from genetically modified corn and / or beets in combination with the use of insecticides that are tailored to genetically modified crops.


Payments by a direct SEPA debit are the most efficient and cheapest method of payment for both, you as a customer and for us as a company. Once the direct debit form has been filled in and sent, everything runs automatically and completely transparent, because you can always follow up the movements online, wherever you are.

In addition, our company has to pay a commission on payments by meal vouchers and by credit cards. That is a significant annual cost for our company that we would rather give back to you, our customer. That is why we give a discount of 3% on all orders, if you subscribe a direct SEPA debit order.

In addition, we give every customer with a standing SEPA order, a stainless-steel cutlery set consisting of a knife, fork, spoon and dessert spoon, free of charge, with the next order after activation of the standing order.

The introduction of the INOX reusable cutlery set has it made possible for us, to remove all plastic cutlery from our distribution network.

If you don’t want to pay via a direct SEPA debit you can purchase this stainless-steel cutlery set at a price of 5 €.

Let's take care of a better environment together and save time and costs together.
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Inox Cutlery set

Made in Luxembourg

Did you know?

Lunchtime was founded in 2002 and was the first online catering company in Luxembourg and more than likely in Europe.

In 2014, the founder and director of Lunchtime, Mrs. Lieve Nuyts, received the prize « Inspiring Woman of Entrepreneurship ». This award was sponsored by PWC.

Lunchtime has also been granted the label « Made in Luxembourg ».