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1. New customers

Lunchtime delivers already to my company, how can I become a customer?

Click on " New customer " our homepage www.lunchtime.lu. Enter your professional email address, and copy the number on the image for security reasons. Within the following 10 minutes after clicking on the "create account" button, you will receive your new username and password per email.

(Lunchtime only accepts your professional email address during the creation process of your Lunchtime account for delivery and security reasons).

Lunchtime doesn't deliver to my company yet, how can I become a customer?

Click on " New customer " our homepage www.lunchtime.lu. Enter your professional email address, and copy the number on the image for security reasons. After clicking on the "create account" button, if your company is not known to our system, it will open a form which we kindly ask you to fill in. Lunchtime will analyze your request and inform you as soon as possible, if we will be able to deliver at your companys address or not.

2.1. Individual Orders

Until how late can I order?

For orders to be delivered on the day itself, you have to order before 10 am. Our calendar allows you to order days in advance . Just click "order" in the field on the date you wish to be delivered.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! You can cancel your order by clicking on "Modify" in the calendar on the corresponding date of your order. The overview of the order appears. Please select the "Delete order" button and your order will be cancelled. Note that you can only cancel your order until 9.30 am on the delivery day itself.

Can I modify my order?

Yes! You can modify your order by clicking on "Modify" in the calendar on the corresponding date of your order. By clicking on "add" you can add items to your existing order. This is allowed until 10 am on the delivery date itself when our website closes.

Can I change the composition of Lunchtime products?

No! To provide all our customers a correct delivery and out of logistical reasons, we cant accept individual changes to our products.

2.2. Meeting Orders

Until how late can I order?

All items on our "Meeting Menu" are to be ordered 2 days before the delivery date.

Until when can I cancel my order?

You can delete your meeting order until one day before delivery by clicking on "View" on the corresponding date on our calendar screen and by selecting the "delete order" button.

Can I modify my order?

Yes! Until one day before delivery you can delete or modify your order. To modify your order please click on the 'view' button at the calendar screen and then on "Add" to add some more products, on 'Delete' to cancel your order or on "Remove the selected lines" if you wish to change your order partially.

Who will receive the meeting order invoice?

By default we will always send the invoices regarding meeting orders to the accountancy department of your company. If you wish to be invoiced differently or you need a specific reference to be added, you can indicate this on the confirmation page of the meeting order in the case "invoice information".

Can I change the composition of my meeting order?

Yes! We can modify the ingredients of your meeting orders. Please contact our sales department. They will make you a personal offer. If you wish a personalized meeting order, please contact us at least 2 working days before the delivery date.

3. Delivery

When will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered before 12 pm, unless differently agreed with our sales department.

Where will my individual order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered in an insulated Lunchtime box at a designated central delivery place in your building.

Where will my meeting order be delivered?

Meeting orders will be delivered at the same place as the individual orders, unless differently specified with our sales department. (Ex: at the reception or in a specific meeting room indicated by you).

How do I know if my order has arrived?

Our vans have a track-n-trace system integrated. Unless you disactivated the option of receiving a delivery confirmation in your personal settings, you will receive an notifying email that your order has arrived.

Do I need to pay a supplement to be delivered?

No, delivery services are for free.

How can I change my delivery address?

If your company has several delivery places, you have the possibility on the overview page of your order to select the delivery place you wish to be delivered to for the specified date. If you have changed company and you wish to transfer your account to the new delivery address, please send us an email with your new delivery details. Our sales department will handle your request quickly.

4. Payments

When do I have to pay?

Our payment system is organized in an interval of 2 weeks. You receive on a Monday your invoice by email on this date a new payment period starts. This day is marked by a star on the calendar screen. With your invoice, you also receive the details over your orders of the last 2 weeks. In-between the payment period you can always consult the overview of your orders on our website under "payment information / details on your next invoice".

What kind of payments options do I have?

You can pay online with your credit card (VISA/Mastercard), by direct debit on your credit card or on your bank account, by meal vouchers (sodexo -Lunchpass, accor meal vouchers, chèque resto, ) and in cash. If you pay more than the indicated amount on the invoice, the credit will be booked onto your account for your future orders.

If you leave your company and you have still a credit on your Lunchtime account, you can leave us your bank account number, and this amount will be reimbursed.

Advantages of a direct debit order with Lunchtime?

If you have subscript a direct debit order on your bank account , Lunchtime gives you a bonus of 3% on every payment.

Where can I leave my payment, and when is it collected by Lunchtime?

If you pay with meal vouchers or in cash, please place your payment in the Lunchtime cashbox or the Lunchtime letterbox. Payments will be collected on Wednesdays and Thursdays every 2 weeks directly after the end of the payment period.

Will I receive a payment confirmation?

Yes, once the payment has been registered on your account a confirmation mail is sent to you by email.

For requests related to your payment, please contact us at finance@lunchtime.lu.

What can I do, if I have missed the indicated payment period?

If you missed a payment period you can still pay outside the payment days by bank transfer or online by credit card.

All payments placed in the letterbox after the indicated days will only be collected on Thursday after the next payment period.

You can consult the details on your paid and upcoming invoices on the calendar page by clicking on the "show my payment details" button.

For further questions, contact us under finance@lunchtime.lu .

5. Divers

How can I complain if the products delivered, dont correspond to my order?

Please contact us by phone under the number 2040 58624 or send an email to info@lunchtime.lu.

I forgot my username or/and password, how can I get a new one ?

Go to our homepage www.lunchtime.lu and click on the foreseen button under the login field.

What is the expiration date of our products?

Our products are prepared freshly in the morning. The consumption date is corresponding with the delivery date. The reason for this is that after delivery our products stay in insulated boxes at the companies. Those boxes only keep our products cold for a specific period of time (max. 2 hours). Therefore we recommend consuming our products on the delivery day itself. This way we can guarantee an excellent quality of our products.

How can I suggest or recommend something to Lunchtime?

Please send an email to info@lunchtime.lu. All suggestions are welcome and will be treated by our sales team.